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It’seasy to take a resolution of helping others but hard to find the right path and helping hands to conquer your wish. For such individuals and all we have provided ways to help according to their comfort and ability.

MONEY DONATION:  All the programs and support done by Triveni memorial foundation is to help the homeless, unfortunate children’s, women’sand families who are going through financial, physical and psychological challenges. We receive some funding from the government which is not sufficient for us to help.  As usually by funding we do health camps, providing medical facilities and medicines, education camps, educating women’s and girls,mid-day meal campaign, awareness programs and workshops to make them appropriate for living , all these programs  covers almost every important requirement for existing therefore it requires more funding too which can be possible by your help only. Donating money by you can not only provide strength to our mission but it will also be a best way to help and show support to our mission of making every luckless individual healthy and educated .


Volunteer provides a key role in spreading our message to more and more peoples across Delhi or India. They give their time and talent by participating in various activates and according to us time and talent is as valuable as money. Thus we encourage more and more people to contribute their time and talent and speed up the social ad economical change in the society. Student, office going person, Doctors, Lawyers, Senior citizen any one can work as a volunteer and share their ideas to us. During holidays like in summer and winter or in weekends also you can take part in volunteering. It doesn’t matter that wither you work for 8 hours or 1 hour what matters is that your involvement and giving your valuable idea and time to someone who really needs and values you and your time

The best volunteers will be awarded by Triveni Memorial Foundation in our Yearly program.

Volunteer can do the following things:

Teaching, Photography, Theater, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Assisting in various campaigns, School and home sanitation, Enhancing community involvement ,Talent development, Academic support, Enhancing confidence  by playing and talking to special children’s., Fund raising ,Computer classes

DIGITAL VOLUNTEER: There are plenty of registered NGOs present in our society but only few of them are known because of their strong digitization which means Without Digitization we and our work will be hidden & not known to the world therefore to make our Digital reputation strong we require online support which can be possible by the youth only as we don’t have much funding so, we require volunteers who are good in digital media i.e., Social media. You guys can help us by updating and posting pictures and contents relate to our work, NGO, Betterment of society, innovative ideas, education and many more on several social websites such as Facebook, twitter, Integral, WordPress etc.will enhance the circle of spreading awareness and connect more and more communities to come with us.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): The CSR refers to the business participation involving the initiation that benefits the society. It was observed that 76% of the domestic companies have chosen  NGO’s as partners to undertake their CSR projects and with the Section 135 of Companies act 2013 in place now ,therefore companies are looking for trustworthy NGOs to give funds and support in terms of management  consulting etc.

We at Triveni Memorial foundation welcomes every Company who are interested in engaging with us as we provide transparent, reliable, accountable environment apart from our certificates and documents to make you believe on our work.


  • We provide 80G Tax Rebate Benefit to the company.

  • We understand your requirements and target.

  • Make a separate volunteers team to work over  CSR project

  • First we analyze then design the work layout for better result

  • Open working environment to maintain the transparency between us and company

  • Always take your feedbacks and ideas on a serious note and work over it.


You can contact and write us through our email id:


A little help can ignite a ray of hope in someone’s life & we cannot reach our goal without your help so you can support Triveni Memorial Foundation by donating fund through online/ cheque/ DD.

Bank Details of Triveni Memorial Foundation.

Account Name                      Triveni Memorial Foundation

Name of Bank                       Bank of Baroda

Account No.                          21250100026110

IFSC Code                             BRB0TRDNAW

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