About Us

Starting this Organization in 2010 was a dream come true event. The main Reason behind building this Foundation is to increase the Awareness about Health, Education, Self- Empowerment among Undeveloped areas and locality. Making slum Women aware about importance of education, there rights & health issues like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, STD, and Malaria. Providing free meal and education to children belonging to minorities and underprivileged sectors & also providing free workshops having short term courses to start their own small scale business by all this we are trying to build a better, healthier and steady life for unfortunate sectors and bringing the equivalence in India.

Governing Body

Bhumika Bakshi

President & Founder

(New Delhi)

Sourabh Agarwal 

General. Secretary

(New Delhi)

Sandip Kumar Mishra


(Indore- MP)

Anil Kumar

Executive Member

(Himachal Pradesh)

Leona Dimple Serrao

Executive Member

(Mumbai - Maharashtra)

Parmod Kumar

Executive Member


Jarnail Singh

Executive Member


Deepak Saini

Executive Member


Advisory Committee

Manoj Chowdhary


Adv. Vivek Chowdhary 

Legal Advisor

Dev Chowdhary

Gen. Sect.


Dr. A. Najeerul Ameen

Reproductive Medicine 

Anahita Nautiyal

Youth President